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Our Story


Inspiring Love for both the Arts and Community

Established in 2020 by Maggie Mazzara, Lillian Li, and Victoria Li. The Leaf and Blossom was born out of a necessity to help fellow local artists in Detroit find a place to showcase and sell their work. With art shows having closed down due to the pandemic, it became even more of a struggle for artist to provide for themselves. Recognizing this need and being artists as well Lillian, Maggie and Victoria became anxious to find a solution.

Near the holidays the storefront at 14832 Kercheval became available, and through the combined efforts of all three women, was brought back to life in just three weeks. We are proud to be a part of the Detroit community and to work alongside the many talented individuals here. Providing customers with quality one of a kind pieces at an affordable price.

Our Artist

Strength in Collaboration

When they work with The Leaf and Blossom LLC, artists can focus less on the business behind their pieces and more on actually making art. Our shop makes it easy for artists to display and sell their art on a platform, managing all the logistics and publicity. Be sure to contact us if you’re an artist interested in selling your work.

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