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Filling Out a Form

Artist Application Policy

A Family of Creativity

Interested in joining The Leaf and Blossom? Please read the following information below,  fill out, and send back to us an application sheet via our email:

Store Responsibilities

What's Expected of Us

Our sales associates will take care of all questions, sales, and restocking of your booth. We are however, not responsible for any theft or breakage of items. 

The Leaf and Blossom will take care of all credit card fees and taxes. 

All store promotions will be handled on our website and other advertising platforms.

Artist Responsibilities

What's Expected of You

We require that our artists who sign under consignment or for a six to twelve-month contract, give a credit card or Paypal account that will be kept on file for monthly payments. Artists will be charged the according booth fee two days after their pay of every month, until the end of their contract. 

Artists are responsible for providing goods in order to restock their booth. 

Featured walls can not be higher than 5 feet.

Artists must provide The Leaf and Blossom with a photo and brief statement for their booth.

We ask that Artists promote the Leaf and Blossom via their social media accounts.

Artists may not share their space with another artist.

Artist Benefits

The Perks of the Trade

Artists may display their space in any way they'd like.

Artists will be able to see their stock and sales on our website via their portal account.

A monthly payment will be delivered to the Artist via their preferred method: Check, Paypal, Venmo, CashApp, etc. As well as an invoice showcasing the total of retail sales of the Artisans goods at the store. Subtracting the Leaf and Blossoms percentage.

Artists will be given opportunity to do classes at the store throughout the year.

Artists will be promoted on the Leaf and Blossoms website as well as all other advertising social media platforms.

The Application Forms

What You Need to Fill Out
Consignment Form      Shelf & Vendor Form
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